Thursday, June 22, 2017

Can the U.S. run only on wind, water, and solar power?
– Maria Gallucci
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Scientists widely agree that human activity is the main driver of global warming, and that we have to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid its worst impacts. But when it comes to how we can best slash emissions, some scientists are fiercely at odds. A scholarly brawl broke out this week after energy experts ripped apart a widely cited 2015 study that found the U.S. economy could affordably run on 100-percent renewable energy by midcentury. SEE ALSO: Climate change efforts still ‘n.  show all text
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@mashable: An intense scientific squabble has broken out re: the future of clean energy in the U.S.
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@KevinJDonaldson: #Mashable Can the U.S. run only on wind, water, and solar power? Scientists disagree.
@mashable on Twitter
@mashable: Can wind, solar and hydro alone power the entire US? Scientists disagree.
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