Monday, June 19, 2017

Corporate Managers and Crime | CLS Blue Sky Blog

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Perhaps not since the early 20th century has there been so much outrage about the malfeasance of the large corporation, and particularly the relationship of senior managers to such conduct. The sentiment is understandable. In reckoning with the wrongs of the big business firm in one serious case after another, a responsibility gap has emerged. The financial crisis of 2008 crystallized the problem, which has only repeated across many scandals since. Consider, for example, the huge banking firm W.  show all text
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@ToGovern: Corporate Managers and Crime #shortseller #ESG #corpgov
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@WholeBoardDev: Corporate Managers and Crime #shortseller #ESG #corpgov
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@ProfPadfield: "the responsibility gap: the inability of … criminal liability to … deter … corporate managers"; #corpgov
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