Saturday, April 22, 2017

War is the Future, Gentlemen

There are a lot of different narratives to chase around. Many of you are techfags. There’s no two ways about it. Some idle themselves in barrels of oil, others inside biotech laboratories — eagerly awaiting to become the next human experiment at the hands of a mad scientist.

I, on the other hand, prefer to remain in my space station — manning an Orbital Space Cannon (OSC), waiting for war.

Oil: sad face, no one cares

Plumes of dust obsfucate the true nature of life, but I know what it is: conflict. On a long enough timeline, everyone dies — some die much quicker and in larger numbers than others. As a people, we’re a violent sort. Even our peacekeepers kill people. Anti fascist gents walk around cracking skulls open with biclycle locks at night, and teach young students ethics during the day.

Betting on the worst of humanity is a very high probability bet, which is why I’m long a portfolio of ‘nation building’ stocks — companies like $KBR interested in building new schools in Tehran — only after we destroy the old ones.

Markets are weak today, but ‘The Fly’ is stronger.

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April 22, 2017 at 12:45AM

from Dr. Fly