Saturday, August 5, 2017

The makings of feminist foreign aid | Oxfam America The Politics of Poverty Blog

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I have always been flummoxed that anyone wouldn’t want to be a feminist.  It’s just so obvious: men and women are equal.  Women face social, political, and other obstacles that men don’t.  We should change that.  Done. Everything else is noise and silliness. But “feminist” is still a fraught word in mainstream political and policy circles. There are safer alternatives: “Women’s rights” is ok.  “Women’s empowerment” – especially economic empowerment – is safe.  “Prioritizing women and girls” is .  show all text
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@jfouts: The makings of feminist foreign aid; via @OxfamAmerica
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@Oxfam: A small trend is emerging to bring a #feminist approach to international affairs. Here’s it means:
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