Thursday, August 10, 2017

Global elite a ‘key factor’ in London’s housing crisis – Channel 4 News

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Its almost two months since the Grenfell fire but many of those who survived are still living in temporary accommodation both out of choice and because of a dire shortage of social housing in Kensington. There is one development where many of the former Grenfell residents are due to be…
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@rachelcerysd: The UK Gov promised a property register to combat anonymous ownership of housing, but where is it?;
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@anticorruption: .@TransparencyUK: Secret off-shore companies hide identities of rich buying #London flats. ��Red flag 4 #corruption>
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@TransparencyUK: WATCH our exclusive investigation with @Channel4News on who stands to benefit from new homes in Kensington & Chelsea;
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