Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Life Lessons: The Importance of Storytelling
– Frank Sonnenberg
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Some experiences are so momentous that they have the potential to be life changing. My parents endured two of them. They passed valuable lessons on to us by recounting stories that molded our character, shaped our values, and influenced our outlook on life. Are you passing important life lessons on to others? My parents fled Germany during the Hitler regime, with only the possessions they could carry. They didn’t complain about what life dealt them because they knew they were lucky to make it s.  show all text
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@FSonnenberg: (NEW) Are You Passing Important Life Lessons On to Others? ➤ | By @FSonnenberg | #LifeLessons #Tradition
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@FSonnenberg: “As #leaders, role models, and #parents, we must reinforce the values that we hold dear.” ~ @FSonnenberg #quote
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@FSonnenberg: New post: Life Lessons: The Importance of Storytelling ➤ | By FSonnenberg | #PersonalValues
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