Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Twitter Schools Tomi Lahren After She Calls LGBTQ March ‘Crybaby Fest Of Bulls**t’

Tomi Lahren gave her haters another reason to hate her this week.

The rightwing political commentator took to social media on Sunday to slam The Resist March, which replaced this year’s Los Angeles Pride Parade on June 11 in response to forces “gathering in government that intend to take away our hard-won basic human rights.

What are they “resisting” exactly? Can any of these groups celebrate their “pride” without bitching about POTUS? They are obsessed!

— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) June 11, 2017

You resist. We persist. Keep crying Snowflakes. #GreatAmerica

— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) June 11, 2017

In a video posted to Facebook, Lahren offered her trademark “final thoughts” on The Resist March, calling it a “crock of crap” and railing against participants who she claims turned “what has been a celebratory parade into a crybaby fest of bullshit.”

”Your rights are not threatened — are you kidding me?” Lahren incredulously asked. “In fact it’s President Trump and the Republicans who battle big government to protect your rights, to protect all of our rights.”

She added, “We get it — you’re gay and guess what, we don’t care. President Trump doesn’t care. In fact, President Trump, unlike President Obama, stood up for your rights day one. Obama had to evolve, remember that? Or were you too busy waving your rainbows and screaming your profanities about our President?”

But, as many have pointed out in the last year, Trump and his administration have hardly been allies to the LGBTQ community. From rolling back protections for trans students to neglecting to offer an official White House proclamation for Pride Month ― something President Obama did every June during his presidency ― Trump and his cabinet have yet to prove that they are truly “standing up” for queer rights.

Predictably, Twitter users weren’t too pleased with Lahren’s interpretation of the event and were ready to call her out:

Trump and his crew fighting for gay rights?! Am I in some parallel universe? Alt facts are big w y’all so, I’m assuming so…

— Corey Garcia (@CoreyLGarcia) June 12, 2017

Hey, genius, educate yourself for once. From the earliest days of Stonewall, gay pride has ALWAYS been resistance & fighting oppression.

— Etoile Frank (@PHXfrank) June 12, 2017

You must live under a rock if you think people aren’t empowered by these marches, speeches, and activists.

— Kori (@korimargarett) June 11, 2017

Why don’t U go to the ❤️ of a pride parade and ask what the R’s have done for them? If U know so much. Easy to shout from a fox hole.

— Melissa Dyanne (@m_dyanne) June 11, 2017

The old world is dying. A new one is being born. Soon, your hate-filled rhetoric will be but a distant unpleasant memory.

— Eric DeBlackmere (@AstronomerEric) June 11, 2017

If you had any objectivity, you’d acknowledge the clear reason for a #resistmarch. People like DeVos are actively working against LGBTQ.

— Jason Daniel (@Jasons_Thinking) June 11, 2017

Maybe they’re protesting because…

— Brenna Simon (@BrennaSimonSays) June 11, 2017

For starters…

— Kevin Creasy (@BourbonGuru) June 12, 2017

And then there’s this little nugget.

— Kevin Creasy (@BourbonGuru) June 12, 2017

You’re shook. That’s your final thoughts. And we all sense it.

— Alt. Sean Spicer (@AltUSPressSec) June 11, 2017

If only you’re final thoughts were really final…. ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌

— UfcWeHaveHistoryToo (@NzNwordHistory) June 11, 2017

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