Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Labour politicians join forces to fight against Tories’ hard Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
– Anushka Asthana Political editor
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MPs, peers and MEPs form new group to block attempts to weaken UK links to single market, calling for shift by leadership • As Labour politicians, we reject a hard-right Brexit More than 50 Labour politicians, including frontbenchers, have signed a statement claiming young voters backed their party in 2017 because they wanted it to “stop the Tories in their tracks” over Brexit. The group, made up of dozens of MPs, peers and MEPs on the left and right of the party, claimed the best way to do tha.  show all text
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@Emmabarnett: Here’s the full story by @GuardianAnushka on Labour’s new pro-single market parliamentary group;
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@ChukaUmunna: We’ve formed a new anti hard-Brexit PLP group to help provide the strongest opposition to the Tories – details here;
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@guardiannews: 3️⃣ More than 50 Labour politicians have formed a bloc aimed at stopping a hard #Brexit;
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