Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Krauthammer Says Anti-Trumpers Sense to ‘Take Down the President’ is ‘Unamerican’

Now we’re at the crux of the argument. Strip away all of the charges, the rumors, and the absurdities and what do we have? There is a hardened contingent of losers on the left, bereft with agony over losing to Donald Trump — conjoined in an unholy alliance with the Never Trumpers on the right to remove the President from office.

How is this different from a violent coup? Clearly, this sordid behavior by those in the intelligence community, working through their media shills, is tantamount to treason. In the perfect world, the olde wooden machinery would be rolled into the city square in DC and executions would be doled out, liberally, to stop those attempting to circumvent American democracy. After all, if they can stop Trump now, who’s to say they won’t stop the next President they disagree with, and the next, and the next.

In other words, the idea that we are a true democracy is complete and utter shit, unless those furthering this agenda to take down a democratically elected President, who just took office, are stopped dead in their tracks.

Dr. Krauthammer isn’t a fan of Trump and opposes him on a sundry of issues, but he sees what the deep state is trying to do here and calls them out on it.

“Where’s the charge? Where’s the crime?”

“He won, fair and square. He’s elected. He’s the President. You don’t like it, then you vote him out of office next time around. But the idea that there’s this kind of obligation, to bring him down, to build a case for impeachment after 3-4 months is absurd and I think it’s sort of unamerican.”

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June 14, 2017 at 08:21AM

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