Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jon Ossoff’s Georgia special election loss shows Democrats could use a substantive agenda – Vox
– Matthew Yglesias
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Jon Ossoff’s narrow loss in the Georgia House special election seat will come as a crushing emotional blow to Democrats even though it hardly dooms their hopes to take back Congress next year. To gain a majority, Democrats need to find a way to win races in districts like this one — traditional Republican bastions endangered by Donald Trump’s weakness with college graduates — but they don’t need to sweep them all by any means. Ossoff was the best recruit Democrats had available in the district,.  show all text
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@continimarco: In evidenza per Marco Contini Jon Ossoff’s Georgia special election loss shows …;, see more;
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@dannysullivan: The takeaway is “Democrats could use a substantive agenda,” even when his opponent turned out voters with nonsense.
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@moorehn: In the wake of Jon Ossoff’s loss, maybe it’s time for Democrats to develop a substantive agenda?;
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