Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The 22 best small towns to visit in your lifetime

Positano, Amalfi Coast

While visiting bustling cities is one way to travel, small towns can offer a more relaxed feel and a charm that can’t be paralleled. 

All around the globe, there are lots of small towns that have an old-school atmosphere, incredible landscape, and an array of activities for travelers. 

We’ve put together a list of 22 delightful small towns to visit around the world, from the coastal town of Positano, Italy, to Bled, Slovenia, whose setting resembles something out of a fairy tale.

We defined a small town as one that has a population of roughly 65,000 or fewer.

Talia Avakian contributed reporting to an earlier version of this article.

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Sidi Bou Said is located near Tunis, Tunisia, and sits atop a steep cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Besides its stunning views, the town that is said to have inspired the famous artist Paul Klee boasts cobblestone streets lined with shops, cafes, and art markets.

Alberobello, located in Puglia, Italy, is famous for its trulli, or limestone dwellings, that have been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The popular tourist town has stunning scenery and an array of quality dining establishments.

In the old town of Annecy, France, travelers are greeted by pastel-painted houses and cafes lining a lovely lakeshore. Hang out at one of its many outdoor eateries, cycle along the water, or admire historical sites like the Château d’Annecy.

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