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Asian-American Families Remind Everyone Hey, We’re American, Too

This is what American families look like. 

People across the interwebs are tweeting photos of their Asian-American families using the hashtags #MyAsianAmericanFamily and #MyAANHPIFamily. The photos serve as an important reminder of our Asian roots in the U.S. 

granddad outside his candy shop in Chinatown NYC, grandma serving face, cousins w great grandma, mom & her sisters #MyAsianAmericanFamily

— Nancee (@nanceepansy) May 13, 2017

“Asian-American family history is American history,” Jason Fong, who started the hashtag with Jenn Fang of Reappropriate, told HuffPost in an email. “You can see from the photos that our families have been immeasurably impacted by political, social, and economic factors and movements in American history.”

THEN #MyAANHPIFamily escaped war torn Southeast Asia as refugees to U.S & NOW #MyAsianAmericanFamily is building next generation of family ❤

— Trang T. Hill (@MsTrangTruong) May 14, 2017

The photos show a diverse range of experiences from survivors of Japanese-American imprisonment to Southeast Asian refugees to proud multiracial families. Though the trend is a celebration of Mother’s Day and Asian-American Heritage Month, it’s also an ode to the struggles, challenges and sacrifices many families have experienced. 

#myasianamericanfamily – parents wed in 1991 & had me and my brother. my dad is Liberian. my mom is Filipino. i love them so much

— vanillaoreocookie (@afroxpino) May 13, 2017

And since people don’t typically see Asians as the quintessential American unit, Fong told HuffPost he felt it was important to highlight their stories. Especially since the minority group is so affected by important hot button issues in U.S. policy ― whether it’s immigration or wage inequality. 

Grandfather served in WWII. Photo taken in Dec 1946 just months after being released from Tule Lake #MyAsianAmericanFamily #APAHM

— Michelle Kim Drake (@MichelleKimD) May 14, 2017

“Understanding and humanizing Asian American families are both essential to helping us understand how we can work for justice,” he said. 

Because Asian families are often stereotyped as strict and void of emotion, Fang told HuffPost that they also aimed to show the softer side of these families that are rarely depicted in the media. And according to the submissions, the campaign seems to be a success. 

#MyAsianAmericanFamily Where biryani and samosas meet fried rice and egg rolls

— SW (@SWu521) May 14, 2017

“Through the hashtag, we saw many different examples of what AAPI families look like now and throughout history, and yet all were united by the common thread of love, caring and support,” Fang said. “That so many AAPIs took to Twitter to share their intimate stories honoring their birth and/or chosen families speaks to how central familial bonds are for the AAPI community.”

Check out more awesome photos of Asian-American families below.

Of note here:

1. size of my head
2. size of my dad’s perm#MyAsianAmericanFamily #MyAANHPIFamily

— Amanda (@amandapractica) May 14, 2017

#MyAsianAmericanFamily my grandma, aunt, uncle & mom in Laos. My grandma in America. Me, three of my siblings and my cousin

— patsy (@Patsytyx) May 14, 2017

Half Japanese& Half African American. #MyAANHPIFamily #MyAsianAmericanFamily

— Ri (@RiRobertson) May 14, 2017

My father, three of his brothers, & his parents || My grandmother in the 1920’s & 1960’s #chinese #MyAsianAmericanFamily #MyAANHPIFamily

— girlonabike (@girl_on_bike) May 14, 2017

Those years we lived on a farm in South Dakota. I’m seated on the bean wagon. #MyAsianAmericanFamily #MyAANHPIFamily

— May-lee Chai (@mayleechai) May 13, 2017

#MyAsianAmericanFamily Where burritos and tacos meet pancit and lumpia #Filipino #Mexican #family

— MJ Rosete De Leon (@MariJoDeLeon) May 14, 2017

My grandfather joined the US Army in WWII despite being wrongly discriminated and imprisoned like so many others#MyAsianAmericanFamily

— Mr. Pro Asian (@MrProAsian3) May 14, 2017

This weekend is a great time to celebrate our families and our chosen families. Share pics of your #MyAsianAmericanFamily #MyAANHPIFamily!

— Jenny Yang (@jennyyangtv) May 13, 2017



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